Payback Benefits

The unrivaled flexibility and performance of the patented design leads to payback benefits which make the Adande Drawer extremely economic on a ‘through life costings’ basis.

Payback Analysis - Savings of £1000 per year

Based on our analysis of the payback benefits, and comparing a ‘two stack’ Adande Drawer unit holding 8 Gastronorm Pans 1/1 size 100 mm deep, against a conventional 3 Door Counter cabinet, holding 9 Gastronorms of the same size, over a typical 5-7 year life, we estimate the ongoing average saving to be £1,000 per year.

Estimates vary depending on many factors, such as the layout of and ambient temperatures in the kitchen, and the working practices as they affect the stocking of the fridge and freezer cabinets.

We have visited kitchens where the savings achievable would exceed £1,000 per 2 Stack Adande Drawer unit, and others where the potential savings would be lower. Click here to request information or to ask an Adande salesperson to call.

The Payback Benefits Accrue from a Variety of Savings:

Energy Saving RefrigerationCost Savings

Adande Drawers, by design, are at least 40% more energy efficient than conventional refrigeration cabinets. This is achievable because the cold air does not tumble out when an Adande Drawer is opened. This minimises the ingress of warm kitchen air which, in a traditional fridge or freezer cabinet, triggers the compressor.

As electricity prices rise, the savings are increasing year on year.

"The traditional wisdom is that you can't have an electrically powered fridge or freezer running without a generator. But the Adande refrigeration in these battery powered catering mobiles lasts the whole day and keeps excellent temperature." Linda Brewer, National Trust


Adande Drawers running on Hydrocarbon Refrigerant are now available, yielding up to 19% additional energy savings compared to units operating on the standard HFC R404a Refrigeran. Click here for more on energy savings.

Refrigeration Seal Damage and Replacement Vertical door and drawer seals on conventionally manufactured cabinets are exposed and damage easily with the constant wear and tear. As seals wear out, warm kitchen air seeps into the cabinet even with the door shut, making the compressor fight a losing battle in the attempt to hold food at the desired temperature.

Constant ambient air attack through damaged seals leads to condensation dripping onto the food (or to clumping and burn in freezers), encouraging bacterial growth and reducing food shelf life.

Vertical seals are so vulnerable that no manufacturer is prepared to guarantee them. Adande gives a two year warranty on all seals because they are fixed in the horizontal plane and out of harm's way.

The savings for users of Adande Drawers are highly significant, given that seals on traditional refrigeration cabinets need to be replaced so often. click here for more on Adande Drawer Seals and other unique design features

Hinges & Drawer Runners

Conventional refrigeration units are made by bonding a thin sheet of metal to insulation material to form a cabinet, to which the door hinges are fixed. These door hinge fastenings, being rooted in the cabinet insulation, are not strong enough to cope with the constant wear and tear, and frequently need replacing. The same problem afflicts conventional drawer runners.

Adande Drawers have no hinges and the drawer runners are incredibly strong and fixed only to the metal cabinet, not into the insulation material. Being outside the coldbox they stay at ambient temperature and will not freeze or stick. click here for more on Adande Drawer Runners.

Other Components

Blocked Condenser air intake grills are a common cause of breakdowns on conventional equipment, especially when they are not routinely brushed clean. Poorly serviced cabinets are prone to condenser fan motor and compressor failure as a direct result of blocked condenser grills. The condenser air intake grill on an Adande Drawer unit is designed to avoid these problems, and only needs brushing clean two or three times a year.

The reliability of the Adande Drawer saves users not only the cost of breakdown repairs but also any consequential losses to the caterer from equipment downtime. Click here for more on Adande’s Condenser Airflow design.

Drawer Cleaning

Cleaning the Adande Drawer bin could not be quicker or easier. In comparison, cleaning conventional cabinets is awkward and time consuming, requiring the cleaner to bend down and reach in to access the back corners within the cabinet… here for more on hygiene with Adande

"I like the fact that there is one big drawer bin which can be taken out for cleaning. It's just so easy" Alan Gleeson, The Fish House

Sustainable Refrigeration means less Food Spoilage and Waste

Potentially the biggest saving available to caterers adopting Adande technology is from the hidden cost of food spoilage and waste. Management cannot always spot this type of loss on the P&L - sometimes it requires visits to the kitchen.

Food quality and shelf life are massively affected by temperature stability. In this respect, Adande Drawers are best in class and, as a direct consequence, food spoilage is negligible.

In hot busy kitchens, equipped with traditional fridge and freezer cabinets, chefs often fight a losing battle trying to hold food at the correct temperature - at the very least, food shelf life is reduced, but worst case, food quality on the plate can vary so much that diners vote with their feet, never to return. While food waste hurts the gross profits, disappointed clients damage sales; either way, potential losses can be significant. 

The amazing temperature stability of the Adande Drawer addresses these concerns.

Temperature Stability

Ergonomic Benefits

Food can be stored in bulk and at the point of use using Adande Drawers, eliminating the need to move from the work station during busy service periods.

Evidence from chefs using Adande Drawers confirms that significant productivity gains are achievable - either fewer man hours to serve the same number of diners or more meals produced in a given timeframe, employing the same number of chefs.

"We've actually saved on labour ... we used to have extra seasonal staff to do the running around, but because the Adande refrigerator stops that we have reduced the number of staff needed in the kitchen ..." Colin Fraser, Harbour Inn, Southwold

A typical example is the use of just one Adande Drawer, adjacent to the cookline, to store frozen ingredients - all too frequently chefs have to walk to another part of the kitchen for frozen items, wasting valuable time.

Furthermore, with all products held in full plan view, stock taking with Adande Drawers is so much easier.

Maintenance and Servicing

Adande Drawers, being robust and reliable, are quick and easy to service and maintain. A hidden cost of unreliable refrigeration is the time required to manage the all too frequent maintenance visits, be they for replacement seals or something more serious - with Adande Drawers installed, chef and management time saved can be used to more productive effect.