Fine Dining Refrigeration

Gilpin Hotel & Lake House 

  "The Adande helps in organising the sections, so less movements, less work and my chefs can easily see what they need, so it’s great!"

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Marc Wilkinson


Marc Wilkinson is Chef Patron at Restaurant Fraiche, which has recently celebrated its 10 year anniversary. Fraiche, meaning ‘Modern French cuisine with a fresh twist’ has this year topped the ‘Sunday Times UK Best Restaurant’ listings, adding to this Michelin starred chef’s already impressive array of awards. Using the latest, cutting edge techniques to create unique dishes, Marc aims to breathe new life into the fine dining scene in Merseyside.

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L'Autre Pied, London

Marcus Eaves Thumbnail Fish Prep
Pastry Prep
Larder Refrigeration
Blast Chilling

"The blast chilling facility means we can make ice cream at 7am and it's ready for lunch service."Read more

Fish House Hotel, Chichester

Fish House Thumb Fish Prep
Seafood Prep
Pastry Prep
Blast Chilling
"One drawer in the pastry section is set for frozen sorbet and ice cream at -14° C to suit the Pacojet - the other sits as a service fridge at +3° C. All the other drawers are set between 1.5° C & 2.5° C, primarily for seafood. We do not need to use ice to keep the fish in prime condition." Read more

Galvin La Chapelle, London

Galvin Square Thumbnail Pastry Prep
Vegetable Prep
Fridge in Winter
Freezer in Summer

"They are completely different, a bit like combi ovens were when they were first introduced. "Now, one of the first things to go on my equipment list would be Adande; I wouldn't build another kitchen without one." Read more

La Bécasse, Ludlow

La Becasse Thumb Pastry Prep
Ice cream
"..with the ability to maintain perfect consistency of chilled and frozen dishes because of the temperature stability and you have a unique and versatile product that any chef would be proud to have in their kitchen.” Read more

Lucknam Park

Hwyel Jones Thumb Pastry prep
Ice Cream
Blast Chilling
“The fact that it could operate as fridge, freezer and blast chiller was ideal as we are not gifted with space.

“Usually by the end of service you start to notice you are losing temperature, but the Adande holds perfectly.” Read more

The Montagu Arms Hotel, Beaulieu

Montagu Arms Thumb

Meat Prep
Seafood Prep

"If I owned a place, I would fill it with Adande drawers. Consistency of food quality 'on the plate' is most important for the customers. Whatever I can do to create a more consistent environment will help push us forward." Read more

Mr Underhill's, Ludlow

Mr Underhill's Thumb

Dessert Prep

“I did not believe the Adande units could be as good as they are! I would recommend them to other chefs.” Read more

Patterson's, London

Pattersons Thumb Prep Station
Blast Chilling
"The Adande Drawer system is more user friendly than traditional door opening fridges because there is no bending down to try and see what is lurking at the back, nor do you get any frayed or detached door seal problems." Read more

Restaurant Martin Wishart, Leith

Restaurant Martin Wishart, Leith Ice Cream "The Adande drawers keep our ice cream service consistent. I am very happy with that." Read more