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La Becasse

“Adande Drawers offer unique versatility with a number of refrigerated storage units that can operate at whatever temperature you choose, in the same area and below a worktop.

Combine this with the ability to maintain perfect consistency of chilled/frozen dishes because of the temperature stability and you have a unique and versatile product that any chef would be proud to have in their kitchen.”

Will Holland, Head Chef, 
La Bécasse, Ludlow


Will Holland opened La Bécasse in Ludlow, Shropshire in July 2007 achieving a Michelin Star in January 2009, after only 18 months. The restaurant serves about 35 covers per sitting. 

Will had heard of the Adande Drawer range from another top chef and so when fitting out his kitchen he installed two 'two stack' Adande Drawer units with worktops side by side in the patisserie area. 

The four drawers are run independently and at temperatures to match the menu that day. Will and his team use the drawers to help make and store a wide range of patisserie products. 

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He uses the freezer drawers at different temperatures (at -12°C and -20°C) to suit his Pacojet processor and sees this as a unique and very useful combination.

Great efficiencies come from having the four chilled drawers (with variable temperature functionality) in the same area and under a worktop. Additionally, Will values the ease and speed of deep cleaning because you can simply lift out the insulated plastic drawer insert. 

His primary business driver is to provide exceptional food to his guests and he believes that the Adande Drawer units have helped him achieve that and reduce food waste. The energy saving and sustainability credentials are an added benefit.

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