Restaurant Martin Wishart, Leith

Martin Wishart won Edinburgh its first Michelin Star in 2001 with his eponymous restaurant in Leith and has since opened a cook school, The Honours brasserie, North Castle Street, in the Scottish capital and a new Martin Wishart Restaurant at Cameron House Hotel on Loch Lomond, which also achieved the accolade of a Michelin star in 2011.

Restaurant Martin Wishart, LeithTwo-drawer Adande units feature at Restaurant Martin Wishart and at The Honours.


Adande drawer

"We regularly serve 300 plus covers in a week and a good amount of that is the six-course tasting menu," said Martin Wishart. More here:

The upper drawer is set at -14°C, the lower at -20°C. "It holds the temperature and that is the important thing, even more especially as the drawer can be opened up to 50 times during service (double that at the brasserie) - conventional freezers drop temperature so quickly!

"The Adande drawers keep our ice cream service consistent. I am very happy with that."

The Honours

Head Chef Paul Tamburrini was equally happy with his Adande two-drawer unit, again applauding the temperature consistency during busy periods of service. He volunteered Pastry Assistant Pat Kornacka to show how an ice cream dessert is put together.

"The Adande is like an Ikea unit," said Pat, "it looks small but you open up the drawer and there is all this space!"

Restaurant Martin Wishart montage

Note the Honours logo on the chocolate wafer.

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