Case Studies - International

Reveley Bar


Opened in 2016, and located in the heart of the Elizabeth Quay promenade, The Reveley focuses on innovative food, creative cocktails & an impressive wine list.

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Element Bistro USA


Element Bistro is a full service, upscale, casual dining establishment with full bar amenities both inside and out. The ground level indoor dining room seats about 100 guests and boasts a beautiful stone clad fireplace and the best restaurant view of the flatirons in Boulder County.

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Nickel Kitchen & Bar Australia 


Following the success of Nantucket Kitchen & Bar, & NKB Express, this third instalment from TJ & Kim Peabody, is an intimate nod to the nostalgic cuisine of yesteryear that’s set to transport diners back in time to an age of relaxed, fine dining where comfort food is plentiful & pleasure is king.

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American Club 
Hong Kong


“Paul Arnold suggested Adande units and we were amazed by the efficiency. We now have 18 of them. Through their energy efficiency the Adande pay for themselves, making it easier for chefs to cook better food - so we are only limited by our imagination."

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“Adande offered a unique product that wasn’t readily found elsewhere. It’s a robust product that can take the fast and furious work style of busy chefs and be located right where they need it - at the Prep station.”

“In past Food Strategy projects, Adande has proven itself with quality, energy efficiency, temperature stability, flexibility as fridge or freezer with accurate temp control and easy cleaning.”

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”They are the perfect size in height, width and depth to sit in this line, and the need for stable freezer storage here was essential for the day-to-day operation of the fry section.The Adande units ticked all of the boxes when it came to what we were looking for - compact footprint with good storage volume together with stable holding temperature through-out our busy service periods; easy to clean and maintain too.”

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Aniruddha Limaye


"It Truly is a Multi-Utility Energy Saving Machine"

"When I got this machine for trial here in my hotel at Courtyard by Marriott Pune Hinjewadi, at first I was really skeptical about its use, but after using it for a few days in different areas of the kitchen (hot galley and cold galley), I was impressed. Then I thought of using it in the restaurant too and I started using it as an ice cream freezer. It worked really well as an ice cream station where I could keep all my condiments on top of the unit and the ice cream in the drawer.” Read more

Hostellerie Savarin


"Adande offers me the opportunity to diversity!"

"The cool Adande drawer is the dream of every chef. It is a device that offers great diversity in the kitchen. I can now operate much easier because I know my food is being stored at the perfect temperature inside the Adande.” Read more

Restaurant Boury


Tim Boury has become a big hit in Belgium

"Here at Boury, we very often use fish which is not always easy to preserve, until I got to know about the Adande. Now my fish keeps at a constant temperature without ice and there is no quality loss and dehydration.” Read more

Tête Pressée, Bruges


"We have no bad words about Adande, it's top"

"I can say that the Adande provides a huge advantage for the life of your products. My produce lasts much longer because the quality is extended by the constant temperature. I've never used a better a refrigerator or freezer, it's amazing how the temperature remains constant even with the drawer open! When working with the Adande it's clear to see that it's a unique piece of equipment. Adande comes to you with a never again." Read more