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"No Worries...Thanks Adande..."

Tim Boury has become a big hit in Belgium

Tim Boury

A young chef, Tim has inherited a lot of experience from the "masters" in culinary arts, he strives to bring constant perfection in the kitchen.

Tim's internship started at "The Hotel Dunes", renowned as the Hostellerie Saint Nicolas in Elverding, Brussels. 

Shortly after graduating, Tim applied for two extra years experience at the Comme Chez Soi as chef de partie, before later joining the team for four years. 

Tim spent time working underneath the chef de cuisine for two years at the Belga queen club. In 2009 he went on to win the prestigious "Fisher of the year" title, then in 2010 Tim opened his own restaurant, "Boury".Tim Boury 2

"Here at Boury, we very often use fish which is not always easy to preserve, until I got to know about the Adande. Now my fish keeps at a constant temperature without ice and there is no quality loss and dehydration.

Adande is very efficient because you can switch between perfect refrigerator and freezer, therefore the Adande will always fit easily in your kitchen operation. Also very important is the energy consumption, we are left with a very low energy cost due to the cold air staying in the tray and therefore consumption is minimal.

I would certainly not do without!"

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