Fulk Bros Butchers

Award winning butcher chooses Adande refrigeration because he can

vary the temperature to suit the businessFulk Brothers

Tony Fulk has been serving customers at Fulk Bros, The Green, Pirbright, for 56 years.

Tony's father originally bought the shop, overlooking a huge village green, the pond and cricket pitch, in 1927. With pubs both sides and a large parking bay opposite, the location is made more idyllic because local schools and nearby military bases breathe life and rhythm into the village. 

The shop runs with three staff plus Judy, Tony's wife, on the till. Fulk Bros is very much a traditional butcher. They keep their own livestock and on display are rosettes proving the prize-winning pedigree of the herd. Making sausages is a passion for Tony Fulk and they too are award-winning, most recently achieving third in a national competition.

Why Choose Adande?

"The Adande came here originally as a demo unit," says Tony, "and we decided to keep it because it proved so useful." During the recent summer hot spell, the Adande two-drawer unit was set to frozen to hold fast-moving barbecue lines such as pre-packed home-made beef, pork and lamb burgers and sausages. 

As autumn approached, the top drawer was set to fridge mode, to hold pre-packed products, especially sliced bacon. 

For Christmas, both Adande drawers are set to fridge mode to hold orders for ham, which is jointed and vacuum packed."It really is very convenient to us, especially at those busy times like Christmas," says Tony.

Large Capacity and Great Hot Weather PerformanceFulk Brothers Shop

"The Adande unit can hold up to 50 or 60 orders, which we keep labelled ready for collection. Otherwise, we would have to hunt for them in the big cold room, so it saves us a lot of time and fuss. 

"It has performed well, even during the hot summer. Switching from fridge to frozen is very quick - around a half hour - quite amazing technology."

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