The Hotel School City College, Norwich

Versatility and Temperature Stability are Big Benefits

Norwich City CollegeThe Hotel School installed a four-drawer Adande refrigeration unit in 2005. This in the Patisserie area of the kitchen and services the Debut Restaurant, which replicates an 80 cover fine dining restaurant. 

The kitchen is used regularly for lunches, large events and also for dinners. As usual, space is at a premium and the unit fits in well with the layout of the kitchen. 

The school prides itself on preparing, developing and inspiring students to meet the needs of the Catering & Hospitality Industry and the equipment it uses plays an important part in meeting this need. 

The key benefits of the Adande unit in this application as seen by The Hotel School include:-

  • The flexibility of each drawer to run as a fridge or freezer is unique and this is an important advantage in meeting the needs of the menu and operation.
  • Food stays at the set temperature even if the drawer is left open. This is very good for the quality of products such as sorbets and ice creams.
  • There is no possibility of cross contamination because the drawers are completely separate.
  • The worktop is a very valuable asset in the kitchen and the cool surface is ideal for patisserie preparation.
  • Efficiency is improved and unnecessary staff movement reduced because the drawers are immediately below the worktop.
  • In addition to these benefits the unique design of the Adande units makes them very energy efficient compared to traditional technology supporting a more sustainable approach to equipment selection.
  • The unit has operated well for about four and a half years already.

“The Adande unit has been excellent for our 'Debut Restaurant'. Having the option of a fridge or freezer combination for use in the patisserie or production area makes this a versatile unit in meeting the needs of the operation and the worktop is an additional bonus in the kitchen. We like to encourage our students to use the latest and best catering equipment available and therefore I would certainly recommend Adande technology to anyone within the industry.”

Mark Bradley, Operations Manager, Hotel School, City College Norwich

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