University of Wales Institute, Cardiff

Three Uses in one with a Worktop

University of Wales
An Adande four drawer refrigeration unit was included in a refit of the kitchen in the cafeteria at the College of Art and Design at the University of Wales Institute, Cardiff in 2005. 

This was a hot working kitchen where space was at a premium and where a blast chilling capability was needed. 

The Adande unit was chosen for a number of reasons:-

  • It has separate drawers, each of which can be used as fridge or freezer (and changed on a daily basis if needed).
  • Each drawer can also be fitted with a blast chill capability, which means a single drawer can be a blast chiller, fridge or freezer as and when you wish. (The UWIC unit has one blast chiller drawer.)
  • The separate drawers also allow full separation of foodstuffs; meats in one drawer, salads in another with no chance of cross contamination.
  • The drawers are all situated below a worktop that can be used for food preparation or indeed for other equipment.
  • The unique design of the Adande units keeps the cold air in the drawer when opened so that temperature is maintained at the desired level, even when a drawer is opened many times in a hot kitchen. (Normal refrigeration units let the cold air fall out when they are opened and this is replaced by moist warm air).
  • In addition to these points the units are energy efficient, saving operating costs

The unit has operated well and met the needs defined at the planning stage. 

“We are very pleased with the Adande refrigeration product. It has provided flexibility in capability from blast chiller to fridge and freezer, all in a small space with an essential worktop. An excellent solution in a kitchen where space is critical. The temperature performance and energy efficiency are important advantages. I would certainly recommend the Adande units to others.” 

Doug Rodmore - Food Safety Manager, University of Wales Institute, Cardiff

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