Adande saves on costs and increases profits

Adande Drawers have been tested in the most demanding of catering environments and have always proved that they can reduce costs and improve profits.

Energy Savings

Adande Drawers, by design, are at least 40% more energy efficient than conventional refrigeration cabinets. 

Adande Drawers running on Hydrocarbon Refrigerant are now available, yielding an additional 19% energy saving compared to units operating on the standard HFC R404a Refrigerant... click here for more on energy savings.

Less food waste

The ability to hold each food type at its specific, ideal temperature improves its quality & shelf life. Once cooked, food that has been stored correctly holds its colour much better, thereby enhancing the visual appeal of the dish.

Ingredients and food stored in an Adande drawer being used as freezer is far less prone to clumping, freezer burn and ice crystal formation, all of which contribute to food waste in conventional refrigeration.

Safer Environment Means Less Risk

Bacteria thrive on oxygen and water leading to potential health risks. The storage environment in an Adande drawer, with its stable temperatures and the reduction in moist ambient air attack significantly reduces the risks of food poisoning. Read more on Food Safety

More Productivity

The convenience of chilled and frozen storage at the point of use reduces the need for chefs to trek backwards and forwards to walk-ins and other more remote refrigeration.

Smaller footprint

Adande Drawers take up a smaller footprint than conventional units holding the same quantity of food. The space saved can then used to prepare more dishes or given over to "front of house" where possible.

Complete flexibility

The ability to switch any Adande Drawer from fridge to freezer, and to incorporate blast chilling, allows complete flexibility when designing the kitchen or for seasonal, or even intra day, menu variation.

More reliability and Less Maintenance

Adande Drawers' unique design features of the insulated tub, protected and warranted seals, robust construction and reduced strain on compressors means they are more reliable and require less maintenance than conventional equipment.

For a fuller description of the Savings that will be achieved by users of Adande Drawers please see the Payback Benefits page.