Adande's Design Incorporates Many Unique Features

The Insulated Tub - The Heart of Adande's Patented Design

Keeps cold air with the food on opening
Large 40 kg capacity
No need to leave space between products
Removable for easy cleaning

Easy Cleaning

Empty Drawer

Stable temperatures
Better and safer food storage conditions
Warm moist kitchen air cannot reach food
Energy saved as cold air does not need replacing
Compressors last longer as they have to work less

Thermal Images

Keeps the cold air in, unlike any other door or drawer refrigeration

The Drawer Lid - Provides "Low Velocity Cooling"

Stays in place inside the cabinet
Contains the seals
Fans draw warm air up and pass it over the evaporator
Supercooled air drops around the contents of the drawer

Low Velocity

No dehydration, unlike in all conventional refrigeration
Food stays fresher for longer
Consistent temperatures throughout the drawer.
No "hot spots"

Patented Horizontal Seals - Guaranteed to be Long Lasting

Horizontal magnetic seals
Contained within the lid
Clamp down onto the top surface of the drawer as it is closed
Hidden behind the face of the cabinet


Protected from damage
Cannot be snagged
Just need wiping clean
Keep running costs and maintenance costs down
Guaranteed for two years

Bulletproof Runners - Easily Take the Strain

The drawer is supported on high quality robust runners.
Tested to 500,000 openings
Support well in excess of 50 kg
Situated outside the insulation and the storage space

Fixed, not as in conventional refrigeration, to or through the insulation, but direct to the cabinet.
No maintenance issues
No failures
Stay clean of food and cannot ice up
Allows each drawer to be switched from fridge or freezer

Compressors and Condensers - Protected and Work Less

Protected by internal air intake grill. (External in conventional equipment)
Air circulates slowly around the external surfaces of the insulated bin
Work less due to unique insulated drawer
Air Intake
Drawer Removed Showing Internal Grill
Airborne contaminants drop out before they reach the grill
Less cleaning required
No condenser blocking
Longer lasting compressors, condensers and so on

Automatic Defrost - Designed to Work without Compromising Temperature

Adande Drawers only require 4 defrosts per 24 hours
Compared to an average of 6 with conventionally manufactured units
Storage temperatures barely affected
Temp Chart