The Importance of Safe Functional Refrigeration

Article by Marcus Kilvington

Director of The Safer Food Group

Refrigeration is about maintaining a safe supply of stored perishable food.

Low temperatures merely reduce the rate at which naturally occurring microbial, physiological, and chemical changes take place. The fundamental factors influencing the rate of food degradation and spoilage are:

  • The correct storage temperature for each type of food and consistent storage temperatures (minimum fluctuations).
  • Control of moisture to reduce microbial activity. Condensation encourages microbial activity which cause off-odours and flavours and can cause food poisoning.
  • Segregation of different foods.
  • Effective, fast chilling of cooked foods that are to be held for later use.
  • Easy sanitation of refrigerated storage areas.

At the heart of every food business is a working, documented Food Safety Management System, incorporating HACCP principles. It’s vitally important that the correct fridge temperatures are maintained consistently and recorded as part of your total system. 

On conventional refrigeration temperature and condensation levels are severely disrupted each time the door or drawer is opened and all the cold air falls out to be replaced with warm moist room air. Furthermore, true product separation can be challenging due to spills and deep cleaning can be difficult and time consuming. 

We at The Safer Food Group cannot speak highly enough of the Adande equipment. This kit is the Best of the Best. 

It will keep food at the right temperature, keeping you safe in the knowledge that your customers are not going to get food poisoning. A massive additional benefit is you’ll make more profit in your food business with less food being thrown away. 

Adande Refrigeration has addressed these key safety issues with a unique insulated drawer system that retains the cold air on opening. That means the cold air stays with the food and temperature is held at the desired levels. 

Because there is no moisture attack from the ambient air, condensations levels are minimised, prolonging the life and safety of your food. Additionally, each Adande Drawer can have the set point adjusted between chiller and freezer so you can change from fresh to frozen food or any temperature in between. (A blast chill option is also available.) Food is easily segregated and spills are contained within each drawer. Each insulated drawer is removable for easy cleaning without affecting food storage in other drawers. 

From our perspective, Adande are a great partner to be working with. Great equipment that’s really going to help the caterer, and nice people to deal with.

The safer food system

Marcus Kilvington


The Safer Food Group

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Marcus Kilvington has 20 years Sales and Commercial experience within multinational food and beverage companies including Yum Brands Europe, Pizza Hut and Speedibake. He is now Director of his own company specialising in Interim sales roles and marketing the Safer Food System, the fastest and easiest way for a food business to set up a food safety management system including HACCP principles.