FCSI Titans of Industry - Cool Head, Clear Vision

NIGEL BELL TITANS OF INDUSTRY Nigel Bell has travelled the world, held key management roles at global companies and innovation as a private equity consultant. He tells Jim Banks how he is using his vast experience to help fast-growing UK company Adande to revolutionise the refrigeration market

When you ask Nigel Bell who he most admires, the answer gives you a clear view of the steely focus and the love of innovation that have driven him throughout his career. First on the list is Sir Alex Ferguson, for his ability to adapt to change and keep winning. Next is Nelson Mandela, for his total commitment and focus on what he believed in, no matter what was thrown at him. Finally, he chooses Sir Richard Branson, for fostering breakthrough innovation based around the customer experience. Brought up in a family of engineers – and a quali ed chemical engineer himself – Bell has a passion for invention and exploring new ideas, but always with a practical application. The executive chairman and CEO of innovative refrigeration company Adande has always sought to bring a rounded view of business to bear on a clear goal, and always with a tangible end product. “As a leader you need clear vision and the ability to communicate a strategic direction, as well as determination and a bit of humour,” he says. “I believe a broad experience of doing business in a lot of countries is as important as working in different businesses, and experience of different roles – engineer, production management, sales – also helps. But you always need clarity and planning. It is critical for a small company to have a plan, even if you deviate from it at times. You have to know what you need to achieve in a day and bebrutally honest about the things you cannot achieve.”

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