Quick on the Drawer, Adande’s Magnificent Seven Ride High in the EU Top Ten!

Adande were elated to hear that seven core products in their range of patented ‘Hold the Cold’ technology Drawers have made the grade to be listed on the prestigious TopTen.Eu Best Products of Europe portal.

The products shown on Topten.eu are the best products on the European market. This evidence on the Best Available Technology (BAT) supports policy makers, experts and researchers in their work regarding European product policy, most notably Energy Labels and Ecodesign requirements. Since 2009 Topten’s work in favour of effective policy measures is supported by the European Climate Foundation (ECF).

ProCold is an EU-project aiming to improve energy efficiency in plug-in cabinets and speed up the switch to climate-friendly refrigerants.  There is an energy saving potential of around 50%. 

Objectives of the project:
-    Showcasing best products
-    Supporting green procurement
-    Helping to implement effective policies

Topten is a consumer-oriented online search tool, which presents the best models in various product categories. Topten’s key selection criteria are energy efficiency and consumption, while other quality aspects like resource efficiency and health are also considered.

Topten sites exist in 15 European countries, China, Chile and Argentina. All Topten teams search, select and present the best products of their national markets.  'Topten ACT', 'ProCold' and 'Best products of Europe' are the main current Topten projects in Europe.

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