Talking your language - Who Benefits from Using Adande Refrigeration?

Anyone involved in foodservice and related roles will benefit from switching to Adande.

Adande's unique and patent protected refrigeration provides better storage conditions than any conventional unit. Food stays fresher for longer and is always at the perfect storage or service temperature.

That is why chefs are switching to Adande and will never go back.

Equipment buyers know that they are buying reliable refrigeration that not only keeps the chefs happy but provides the ultimate flexibility, lower running and maintenance costs and recyclability too.

Dealers can be assured that they are providing their customers with equipment that will have them coming back for more. Surveys show that satisfaction levels are extremely high.

Design Consultants can place refrigeration wherever it is required in layouts that provide ergonomic efficiency and provide for changes of use from fridge to freezer from service to service and from season to season.

Facilities managers and engineers can relax in the knowledge that they will be looking after well engineered, long lasting and reliable refrigeration units that require very little maintenance.

And the Planet, as Adande's sustainable refrigeration has unique environmental credentials.

Business owners and operators who chose Adande will enjoy higher profits, lower costs and lower risks.