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Hard working chefs deserve refrigeration that they can rely on.  All ingredients in peak condition and finished dishes looking and tasting great

Better by DegreesMeat Store

Food stored in an Adande is easier to access, lasts longer, looks better, serves better and tastes better.

Adande's uniquely stable storage temperatures ensure that you can prepare and serve food that is just as you planned, time and time again. Ingredient quality does not deteriorate and shelf life is prolonged.

"I am impressed by every encounter with Adande.” Matthew Tomkinson, The Montagu Arms Hotel, Beaulieu

As Fridge or Freezer the Temperatures's PerfectFlexibility

Temperatures can be set, and unlike in any other door or drawer refrigeration, they can be accurately maintained at anything from -22°C to +15°C to suit each food type.

Temperature Stability

As a result, your food's taste, consistency, colour and aroma is perfectly maintained.

"One drawer in the pastry section is set for frozen sorbet and ice cream at -14° C to suit the Pacojet - the other sits as a service fridge at +3° C" Alan Gleeson, The Fish House Hotel, Chichester

Safer and Longer Storage and Less Waste

The Adande design prevents attack from warm, humid, ambient air - virtually eliminating burn and clumping in freezer mode or condensation when used as a chiller. This cuts down on spoilage and waste, and boosts your profits. It significantly reduces the risk of bacterial contamination too. Click here for some expert views.Fish

Each drawer's low velocity cooling system prevents dehydration - the cold air percolates around the drawer bin, leaving no 'hot spots' and, as a result, no air gaps need be left between stored food items.

Fish can be stored without ice and will still stay fresh for longer.

Chef Base Less Work

With products stored in plan view and in bulk, you will make far fewer trips away from your work stations to replenish stocks and stock checks take far less time.

Easier access to contents and greater capacity, right at the point of use are two of the genuine ergonomic benefits that Adande users enjoy.

“We've actually saved on labour ... we used to have extra seasonal staff to do the running around, but because the Adande refrigerator stops that we have reduced the number of staff needed in the kitchen ...” Colin Fraser, Harbour Inn, Southwold

Easy Cleaning

Easy Cleaning

The Adande drawer design provides you and your staff with the most hygienic storage system on the market. The drawer bin is easily removed for cleaning at a sink.

And the Best News..

Is that not only do Adande units outperform conventional units to provide you with the best cold storage conditions but the rest of your team will benefit too.

  • Design consultants love them for their flexibility and their ability to be sited anywhere in the kitchen.
  • Facilities managers love them because they are robustly built, require less maintenance, are easy to clean and service.
  • And of course the environmentally conscious amongst us love them because offering truly sustainable refrigeration they are better for the planet.