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Make your Customers Money

Prior to the Adande Drawer, the caterer's choice was limited to conventional cabinets only, with chefs struggling to minimise food quality problems resulting from poor temperature stability and caterers 'picking up the tab' through lost revenue when diners 'vote with their feet' after a disappointing or inconsistent quality meal, or a reduced profit margin due to excessive food spoilage & wastage.

Many Different Applications

Cookline applications for Adande are becoming increasingly popular because the units hold temperature in the hottest kitchens better than any other refrigeration. Adande chef base units are great value for money as the unique design means that the refrigeration works perfectly without the need to use more powerful compressors and extra insulation, both of which add to the cost of other designs.

Chef Base Extended Chefbase Coworth Park

Adande units can be bespoked to suit the cookline application - heat shield tops - extended tops to suit the dimensions of the equipment to be supported - cassette style within the range, and on.

Adande units can take a 200 kg equipment loading when fitted with the optional solid worktop or heat shield and castors or rollers.

Our Blast Chill option, fitted as an enhancement within a standard drawer unit, is extremely cost effective.

It saves worktop space and ensures compliance with the ever tightening Food Hygiene & Safety Regulations. A very important consideration in cramped and busy kitchens.

Environmentally Better

Adande ‘ticks all the boxes’ for sustainability and carbon reduction in both fridge and freezer mode. Naturally it depends on how much a unit is used, but all tests show significant energy savings versus conventionally manufactured equipment. Savings are usually in excess of 40% with gains of up to 66% being achieved in many instances.

One 13 amp socket, with the power leads daisy chained together, is all that is required to supply up to 3 Adande Drawers.

The majority of any one of the Adande range of units is recyclable, unlike traditional refrigeration products that go into landfill at the end of their useful life.

Space Saving = Profit Enhancing

Adande Drawers save footprint, or alternatively provide more capacity within the same footprint, when compared with conventional cabinets.

3 x 'Conventional' 2 Door Counter Units vs. 3 x Two Stack Adande Drawer Units

Space savings vs doors

3 x 'Conventional' 9 Drawer Counter Units vs. 3 x Two Stack Adande Drawer Units
Space savings vs drawers

This is an extremely valuable ergonomic benefit, enabling higher productivity from a smaller footprint, and thereby the opportunity to either reduce staffing or serve more diners in a given period.

Lower Maintenance

The Adande airflow design eliminates the risk of condenser blocking which, in all other designs is the commonest cause of fan motor and compressor failure.

As the Adande design minimises the loss of cold air on opening the drawer there is much less hot air thrown back into the kitchen, thereby reducing the need for expensive extraction or air-conditioning systems.

Seals included in Warranty

Adande Refrigeration is the only manufacturer worldwide able to warrant the seals - an industry first and a big saving financially let alone the added benefit of trouble free kitchen operations.