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Adande Units Give More Flexibility and Smarter Use of Space

FCSI AwardsFCSI Sustainable Catering Award

Recognised by the FCSI with two recent awards, the worldwide Manufacturer of the Year and the Sustainable Kitchen Equipment Awards, Adande units enable designers to give their customers precisely what they need.

Outperforms all Conventional Equipment

The incorporation of multiple Adande drawers in a kitchen design provides users with a refrigeration solution that ensures perfect, temperature controlled, bulk storage of any food type, at the point of use, in a smaller footprint and using less energy than any conventional cabinet.

Temperature Stability

The ability to switch any Adande drawer from chiller to freezer and back in minutes allows designers to build in the ultimate flexibility for their customers. Use can be switched from service to service, to suit seasonal menu changes, or to allow the kitchen set up to be varied between a la carte and large function catering.

The popular Adande 2 Stack unit, with solid worktop, configured with one drawer set to chill and the other in freezer mode, plus blast chill functionality in one or both drawers, provides chefs with the most versatile prep station on the market today.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

The fast growing number of converts to Adande Drawers are reaping the benefits from owning the most temperature stable counter fridges/freezers on the market. Consultants who specify Adande can be assured of their customers’ satisfaction. To see some of the chefs who love Adande see Case Studies.

In additional to the superior temperature and fridge to freezer flexibility, Adande Drawers are the most versatile counters on today’s market with a blast chill option, heat shield worktops, prep station worktops, pass through drawers and so on.

Space Enhancing

Adande Drawers save footprint, or alternatively provide more capacity, within the same footprint when compared to conventional cabinets - an extremely valuable ergonomic benefit, enabling higher productivity from a smaller kitchen.

3 x 'Conventional' 2 Door Counter Units vs. 3 x Two Stack Adande Drawer Units

Space savings vs doors

3 x  'Conventional' 9 Drawer Counter Units vs. 3 x Two Stack Adande Drawer Units
Space savings vs drawers

Modular system units come in two footprints (rectangle or square) and can be stacked up to three units high. This allows users to specify bespoke Adande units for any number of applications, even in the cookline, the hottest area of the kitchen.

With the ability to bespoke our units - worktop extensions, gantries, fixed frames and so on - designers have even more flexibility when planning kitchens.

The rear engine Adande unit can be sited up against a wall, and even with an oven on each side.So long as it is on a castor base the unit will be able to breathe through the vent path that expels the warm air back into the kitchen by going under the base of the unit....right up to ambient temperatures as high as +43° C.