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Adande Refrigeration Requires Less Maintenance

Adande Drawers perform to specification, even in high ambient temperatures, while simultaneously consuming significantly less energy than conventionally manufactured cabinets or uprights of similar capacity. The many unique design features all contribute to a reduced maintenance requirement

An Easier Life for all Key Components

Adande drawers have many unique design features to ensure that they last longer, and require less maintenance, than conventional refrigeration units.

An Adande ‘holds the cold’ even with repeated drawer openings. Less air needs to be chilled to replace the loss than is the case in any conventional door-based or drawer-based refrigeration. Temperature recovery is optimised and the refrigeration engine works less hard and for less time.  In addition, due to the reduced influx of humid kitchen air when an Adande is opened, it requires only four defrosts per 24 hour period compared to an average of six in conventionally manufactured units.

Importantly, this means that an Adande's components experience less strain, and reduced wear and tear, giving improved longevity and minimised maintenance requirements.The unique Adande airflow design eliminates the risk of condenser blocking, which in conventionally made equipment is the most common cause of fan motor and compressor failure.

Less hot air is thrown back into the kitchen which leads to a more comfortable working environment and reduces the need for expensive extraction / air-conditioning systems.

With an insulated container sitting between two high quality German-made steel runners, drawers are free to operate smoothly without being affected by cold or frost; the runners have been tested for over 500,000 movements and the design ensures that Adande drawers are the only ones on the market that run so freely in freezer mode.

There are no hinges to fail and, unlike in all other units, in an Adande the seals are uniquely situated to practically eliminate failures. 

The result is a unit that can be relied upon to provide a long, low-maintenance life whether used exclusively in fridge or freezer mode or regularly switched from one to the other.

Seals Included in Warranty

Due to the unique design Adande Refrigeration is the only manufacturer worldwide able to warrant the seals - an industry first and a big saving financially let alone the added benefit of trouble free kitchen operations.


Planet Friendly

Adande ‘ticks all the boxes’ for sustainability and carbon reduction in both fridge and freezer mode - numerous tests show big energy savings compared to conventionally manufactured equipment, usually in excess of 40% and sometimes as much as 66%.

The majority of any one of the Adande range of units is recyclable, unlike traditional refrigeration products that go into landfill at the end of their useful life.

A Lot of Cooling from a Single Plug

One 13 amp socket is all that is required to supply up to 3 Adande Drawers, with the power leads daisy chained together.

Daisy Chain

Now Hydrocarbon Adds Savings to Savings

Hydrocarbon units are now available, saving users a further 19% on energy compared to Adande’s standard HFC units - increasingly significant as the decade wears on, given the strictures of the EU mandated Carbon Reduction Commitment.