Adande Drawers are the Ultimate Flexible Refrigeration Solution

How Adande™ Drawers Work & the Benefits That Set Them Apart?


The Insulated Drawer Container is at the heart of our Hold the Cold® design

Adande Patented Insulated Drawer Container

  • On opening the drawer the cold air stays with the food in the Insulated Container
  • Ribbed grooves in the Container allow the cold air to freely circulate around the food
  • Large storage volume with no hot spots
  • Easy to lift out and deep clean
  • Energy savings of circa 40% compared with conventionally made cabinets
  • Stable temperatures, even with frequent drawer openings
  • Maximizes storage capacity right at the point of use in hot busy kitchens
  • Almost all Hotel Pan sizes and configurations fit the insulated drawer container
  • The removable Insulated Container makes for a fast and user-friendly hygiene regime


The evaporator set into the lid above the Drawer provides Low-Velocity cooling

The Evaporator in the lid above the Adande Drawer provides low velocity cooling in this diagram

  • Horizontal magnetic seal under the lid creates a perfect gasket for the Insulated Container
  • Efficient heat removal, by fans in the lid, draws the warm air up and over the evaporator
  • Super-cooled air is then gravity fed down into the Container, gently enveloping the food 
  • Stable temperature and humidity levels help the food stay fresher for longer
  • Little or no dehydration in refrigerator mode, or ice clumping in freezer mode
  • Natural food colours are retained even after cooking
  • Longer shelf life results in far less waste
  • Stable temperature and humidity control minimizes the risk of bacterial growth
  • Seafood can be stored without flaked ice, saving time and cost, and prolonging shelf life


The Drawer slides are strong and external to the cold space in the Insulated Container

The drawer slides are strong and external to the cold space held within the insulated container
  • Being outside the cold space, the drawer slides can never freeze up
  • The stainless steel drawer slides are strong and robust - the design having been tested to half a million movements
  • The slides allow the drawer to open fully, giving complete access to all the food from above
  • Operating in freezer mode, external slides do not ice up, unlike conventionally made drawer cabinets
  • Unrivalled temperature stability due to all metal parts being outside the cold space
  • On opening the drawer everything is in full plan view - food is not hidden in the back corners as with conventionally designed door cabinets
  • External Drawer slides are easier to clean, run more smoothly and last longer