Hold The Cold® Technology

Thinking Outside the Refrigerated Box

It's an Adande® it works like no other Fridge or Freezer...

When we developed our patented refrigeration technology twelve years ago, it was the first major innovation in refrigeration design in over 70 years!

Since the first icebox, the immediate loss of cold air every time a refrigerator or freezer cabinet is opened has hampered precise temperature control, regardless of brand or design.

Cold air is heavier than warm air, so opening the door or drawer allows the cold air to pour out onto the floor - repeatedly losing the cold air has serious cost and food quality implications.

The innovative Adande design solves the problems inherent in conventional refrigerators and freezers, be they technical, ergonomic, sustainability or food quality related.


Fitting the Gasket (seal) to the underside of the lid, and in the horizontal plane, is unique to our design and makes it possible for Adande to include all Gaskets in our Two Year Warranty - a worldwide refrigeration industry first!


Air gaps are not required between the items of food in our units, as there are no hot spots in an Adande drawer, allowing food to be stored in greater bulk at the point of use in the kitchen - less time walking equals more time working!


The insulated Drawer Container prevents the loss of cold air, reducing energy usage by 40% on average compared with conventionally designed cabinets; furthermore, as all parts can be recycled, Adande units do not have to go to landfill at the end of their useful life - installing Adande Drawers lowers the carbon footprint!

Food Quality

Our unique airflow design - Low-Velocity Cooling - prevents dehydration or ice clumping in freezer mode, and with temperatures held stable, food quality will not deteriorate even with frequent drawer openings - keeps food fresher for longer and reduces waste!


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