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The American Club Hong Kong - Excellence since 1925
The American Club Hong Kong
As Featured in the FCSI Magazine - Adande Refrigeration at The American Club
American Club Hong Kong with Adande Refrigerated Drawers
Tricon design at American Club Hong Kong
Chef Joshua Goetz kitchen at The American Club, Hong Kong
American Club using Adande with appliances
Top Drawer - the view from the American Club with Adande

The American Club is the only member-owned private club in Hong Kong with both a Town Club and a Country Club offering extensive dining, sports and leisure facilities. The commitment to excellence distinguishes The American Club as Hong Kong’s premier business and social private club with one of the most international memberships anywhere in the world.

"We needed updated, modern and more efficient equipment to improve energy efficiency and workflow. Through their energy efficiency the Adande pay for themselves. They make it easier for chefs to cook better food, so we are only limited by our imagination" - Joshua Goetz, Executive Chef

When small groups of US businessmen in Hong Kong turned their social meetings into a formal club back in 1925 they could hardly have imagined that over 80 years later the American Club would have become a prestigious venue, renowned for both its cuisine and its decor.

Architects CADA were charged with creating a world-class, modern venue, with Paul Arnold (FCSI) from Tricon taking charge of addressing the back of house area and possibly the one limiting factor on the project - the restraints on physical space - making Adande the perfect cold storage solution!

“We needed updated, modern and more efficient equipment to improve energy efficiency and workflow,” says Joshua Goetz, the Executive Chef at the venue for the last seven years.

“Paul Arnold suggested Adande units and we were amazed by the efficiency. We now have 18 of them. Through their energy efficiency the Adande pay for themselves, making it easier for chefs to cook better food - so we are only limited by our imagination. “The number of covers has been growing by around 12% each year, so I had to make gains in terms of production and storage. We could not add a walk-in cold store, so the primary directive for the kitchen designers was to add as much cold storage as possible, and the solution they found has been the biggest improvement.”

In fact, Josh has remarked that Adande has changed the way the kitchen operates too, with the added benefit of ‘clean down’ time being cut in half.

It’s testimony to Paul Arnold’s extensive knowledge and experience that both he and Joshua Goetz arrived at a mutually conceived specification that fully met the design brief in terms of vision, appearance and practicality by coming up with the idea of making the workflow operate from the centre outwards using modular items in terms of equipment, storage, counters and sinks, etc.

The club’s menu from its inception in the 1920s has evolved over time with a range including Chinese dishes, but its core has always been traditionally American fare, yet the refurbishment has conceded that a new Gastrobar - The Forty Niner - would concentrate on being a high-end Steakhouse first and foremost. 

“The menu has changed a lot. We didn’t want to serve the same old food, but we could not add new cuisines from around the world. We looked at it as if we were opening afresh, choosing classic, American fare with a twist plus regional dishes. We created a place that is both a family and a business hang-out.” said Goetz. 

Consultant, Paul Arnold’s strength is his technical knowledge of catering equipment practices and regulations, having worked for worldwide catering equipment suppliers & manufacturers. Adande are proud of their association with Tricon on this project.   

Tricon’s awareness of Adande’s range and patented  ‘Hold the Cold®’ technology enabled a solution conducive not only to the kitchen environment but to the quality of the food and the expertise of the Chefs for continued service delivery to their customers, well into another century...

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