Drawer Management Accessories

GN Pan Racks

GN Pan Racks

Gastronorm (GN) Pan Racks help chefs arrange and store ingredients to suit operational and menu requirements.

One GN Pan Rack occupies half the drawer area - adequate for most organisational needs - leaving space in the other side of the drawer to store additional items.

Gastronorm Pans are not included with orders for GN Pan Racks, but on request, stainless steel, polycarbonate or polypropylene GN Pans can be supplied - Price on Application.

Gastronorm Pan Storage

Gastronorm Pan Storage

Adande Drawers cater for all sizes of GN Pan. When storing different foods in smaller GN Pans we recommend holding back-up stock of each food type in the same size GN pan, stacked one on top of the other, as illustrated in the main photo above. Alternatively, use deeper GN Pans (200 mm max depth) fitted side by side, as in the smaller photo.

Adande Drawers hold a deceptively large volume of product because, unlike conventional cabinets, air gaps are not needed between the items. As a result there is no food waste due to  ‘hot spots’ in Adande Drawers.

Drawer Dividers

Drawer Dividers

Drawer Dividers slot into the grooves in the plastic insulated drawer container. Dividers can be moved easily to compartmentalise the drawer for more efficient use.

Drawer Dividers can be supplied with new drawer units or ordered separately at a later date.

Drawer Container

Drawer Containers

White Plastic Insulated Food Containers, to suit every  size of Adande Drawer, are available, on request.

Adande Drawer Containers are designed to accommodate a variety of GN Pan sizes. For more information please refer to the GN Pan Storage note on this page.

Blast Chill Wire Rack

Blast Chill Wire Rack

Each Wire Rack covers half the drawer area,and two are provided FOC with every Blast Chill unit. For best results, space the food out evenly.

To rapid chill the maximum 5-7 kg of food, use both Wire Racks.

Additional Blast Chill Wire Racks can be ordered separately, at a later date, if required.

Pacojet® Beaker Racks

Pacojet® Beaker Rack

Ingredients stored in Pacojet® Beakers should be held at -20°C.

Pacojet® Beaker Racks hold up to 12 Beakers, covering 60% of the area of the Insulated Container. Two racks (side by side) provide storage for up to 20  Beakers - as in the right hand photo.

Pacojet® Beaker Racks fit both Standard and Shallow Depth Drawers.

Gastronorm Pan Rack
(Half Drawer Area)
Item Code RG RL RG RG - RG RG
  List Price £90 £90 £90 £90 - £90 £90
Drawer Dividers Item Code DD LD DD DD CD DD DD
  List Price £20 £20 £20 £20 £20 £20 £20
White Insulated Plastic Drawer Containers Item Code DT DS DM DT DC DT DT
  List Price £245 £245 £245 £245 £300 £245 £245
PacoJet Beaker Rack Item Code PB PB PB - - PB -
  List Price £45 £45 £45 - - £45 -
Wire Rack - Blast Chill (Half Drawer Area) Item Code B3 - B3 - - - -
  List Price £25 - £25 - - - -
Gastronorm (GN) Pans Stainless Steel, Polycarbonate or Polypropylene GN Pans available - Price on Application