Fryer Station Worktops - Suitable for Compact, Side & Rear Engine Drawer Units

Adande Fryer Station Worktops - Removable drip tray and hangers

  • Fryer Stations are formed as a vertical extension to the Solid Worktop, with either two (FR2) or four (FR4) deep fry basket hangers.
  • Highly ergonomic solution, with chilled or frozen foods quickly and easily loaded from the Adande Drawer into the deep fry baskets.
  • Drip Tray to collect cooking fat from the deep fry baskets included.
  • Drip Tray is removable for cleaning.

For VCC1 Compact Units (FR2 & FR4)

Fryer Station Worktops (FR4) for:
Side Engine Units (VCS2, VLS2 & HCS2)



Fryer Station Worktops (FR4) for:
Rear Engine Units (VCR2 & HCR2)
Rear Engine Units (VCR2 & HCR2)






Adande Fryer Station Worktop Specs