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Carpigiani® was founded in 1946 by the brothers Bruto and Poerio Carlo Carpigiani, after the success of the first automatic gelato machine, the Autogelatiera, in 1944. Carpigiani Gelato University is the education division of Carpigiani Group.

"The great thing with an Adande is that it holds at a stable temperature which is great for our cress. A lot of chefs tend to put the cress into the refrigerator near the fans and that really damages them." - Paul Da-Costa-Greaves, Master Chef of Great Britain & Koppert Cress Chef Consultant


Speciality micro-greens grower and supplier Koppert Cress specialises in unique plants and flowers, which each have their own specific effect on the senses. Whether for flavour, fragrance, feel or presentation, there is a cress for all, and the assortment is widening. Every year at least one new item is added to the collection of micro-vegetables. A collection, which is presented as ‘Architecture Aromatique’.

Koppert Cress provides consultation services to some of Adande’s existing customer enthusiasts, for instance, Cyrus Todiwala OBE, the celebrated TV chef and proprietor of Café Spice Namasté, amongst many other foodservice brands too.

Koppert Cress has released a 70 page full colour educational manual on micro-greens for distribution to chefs and students. This sits alongside the ‘Cressperience’ events rolled out around the country at Shows, Colleges and Institutes. These include “A combination of theory and food pairing suggestions”.

For both Koppert Cress and Adande the word consistency is key - both in maintaining quality through holding and in delivering to the end customer at the Pass.

With cress, herbs and edible flowers their delicate structure, colour and unique flavour deserves and demands only the very best care and that’s where Adande comes in...

In an Adande there is no forced air - unlike conventional refrigeration. Adande’s unique Hold the Cold® technology utilises low velocity cooling which gently deposits cold air into the patented insulated container and channels it smoothly around the protected contents via the inset grooves.

Supplied as living plants, these tender little stems are supplied in a cress box with a watering moss and that can be put directly into the drawer or decanted into gastronorm pans, as preferred.

To hinder and control the growth the product should be kept in a state of ‘stasis’ for optimum condition and enjoyment. It is essential that it is kept in the dark and held within a stable temperature range.

“The great thing with an Adande is that it holds at a stable temperature which is great for our cress. A lot of chefs tend to put the cress into the refrigerator near the fans and that really damages them.” Paul Da-Costa-Greaves, a Master Chef of Great Britain & Koppert Cress’ Chef Consultant.

“At Koppert Cress we want reliability and quality and this is what Chefs expect from ourselves in return. This is the good thing with Adande drawers - whether you are Cyrus Todiwala, in Todiwala’s Kitchen, or whether you’re at the Emirates in Dubai, you’ll always find a reliable Adande.”

“Bear in mind too that this is not just about the refrigeration, it’s an all-in-one package as you’ve got the fridge/freezer line and the solid top surface where a lot of the chefs can do prep - and in a small kitchen that’s paramount and where Adande tops a lot of refrigeration.”

To present garnishes in the best aesthetic condition and optimise the nutrient value of what is a living product – the last cut should be the freshest cut! Adande is perfect for the chef in this case, as the worktop allows for garnishes to be cut and added straight from the drawer without unnecessary disturbance ready for the pass and enjoyment for the clientele.




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