Adande Blast Chill

Adande Blast Chill 

Blast Chill Capability
for Side Engine Drawer Units

A Refrigeration Industry First!

When specified at time of order, Adande Side Engine (VCS) and Matchbox (VCM) units can be built with Blast Chilling (BC) added to their fridge to freezer functionality.


A view of Internal Airflow of Adande Blast Chill Technology.

Blast Chill Capacity

Adande Drawers fitted with Blast Chill Functionality will Rapid Chill up to 7 kg of food from 70°C to 3°C in 90 minutes.


  • Small batch Blast Chill requirements.
  • Ideal for the Cook-Chill system of food preparation
  • All types of food can be chilled using Adande Blast Chill technology.
  • Ergonomic 4 in 1 unit - freezer, fridge, blast chiller and prep station.

Blast Chill Cycle Options

Cycle 1 - 90 Minute Soft Chill
Cycle 2 - 90 Minute Hard Chill
Cycle 3 - 120 Minute Soft Chill
Cycle 4 - 120 Minute Hard Chill
At the end of each cycle, the food is automatically held at 3°C

Climate Testing

Tested to Climate Class 4 (30°C & 55% relative humidity) for temperature and energy consumption and to Climate Class 5 (40°C & 40% relative humidity) for temperature. Hydrocarbon Refrigerant R290 for all Blast Chill Drawers.


Mains Supply
230 Vac 50 Hz

Power Socket (included)
Correct 2 or 3 Pin Plug
fitted for each country

Mains Lead (included)
2 Metre Coiled Lead